The Artists

What Snæbjörnsdóttir/Wilson does

Snæbjörnsdóttir/Wilson is an artist team working collaboratively in a relational and socially engaged practice. We make it our business to examine and make work concerning things often accepted as commonplace or ‘given’ in society and by that process squeeze ‘light’ into the hairline fissures of its constitution. In this way this ‘light’ can be seen as a means by which to help reconfigure thinking. We have also come to use the term ‘relational’ in accordance with the understanding suggested by Donna Haraway, of reaching across species and parallel lives.

We look for margins of tolerance, where a range of opinion or views provides a promising field of inquiry, as indicative of contradictory or certainly unresolved schisms in our social and socio-environmental fabric. Where such diversity of response to a phenomenon exists, it suggests there may be a susceptibility to change. Of course variance of opinion and perspectives are not by definition a problem, but where those opinions are embedded over a long time and lie unchallenged, we see merit in shuffling the pack and seeing new juxtapositions – inviting new readings and opportunities for understanding and behaviour.

Radio Animal

Radio Animal is a mobile unit – a specially designed caravan that allows the artists to travel to various locations in the UK to gather material from people about their relationship to animals. We are particularly interested in animals that are considered ‘unwelcome’ visitors but have for whatever reason found their way into what we may consider our own territories. Do you have a fox, squirrels, moles, pigeons, rats, ants, bats or any other animal encroaching on your space that you’d like to tell us about? If so email, add your contribution to this web site or turn up at our next event.

Uncertainty In The City

Uncertainty in the City is the umbrella name for the overall project of which Radio Animal is a part.  Other elements comprise audio, video and photographic research material gathered between 2007/08, a forthcoming exhibition and publication. During the summer of 2009 and until the end of November we travelled around the area gathering further material for the exhibition, due to open in the Storey Gallery in Lancaster in September 2010

This project is commissioned by Storey Gallery in Lancaster and has been funded by the Henry Moore Foundation, The Arts Council of England and the University of Cumbria